Errol Morris asks, "Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?"


The OFF photo was superimposed on the ON photo, and transformed so that the common features of both photos line up, to make differences more immediately obvious.

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In support of ON->OFF

These pieces seem to go from whole to parts, so this seems to support the theory that ON precedes OFF.

In support of OFF->ON

This cannon ball seems to have been removed from the place where it landed, and the hole remains afterwards.


Looks like a footprint was introduced between the OFF and ON photos.


Rocks seemed to have fallen/been moved from high to low between OFF and ON.


Cannonballs seemed to have come from the right side of the photo and rolled down the hill into these resting spots; this seems like a possible counter to the "recycling" theory. The position on the left is not a likely place to place cannonballs found on the road; a more natural place would have been in the trench by the side of the road.


Cannonball gets added between OFF and ON; notice lack of indentation in OFF.